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Your Book as an Investment

A book is an investment: learn the right strategies to invest in your book's success.


That Idea You Have for a Children’s Book

Everyone has an idea for one- how do you go about getting it published?


Will My Book Be in Bookstores? Book Sales & Distribution

How books make their way to bookstores is often baffling and mysterious. Hear from insiders about this complex system.

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Understanding Your Audience

Who are you writing for? This overlooked question is the root of all promotion strategy.


Planning a Powerhouse Book Launch

What does a book launch look like in 2023? Learn strategies and ideas to make a big splash for your book’s debut.

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In-person Case Studies of Successful Authors

Learn from successful authors and see exactly what they did to publish and market best-selling books.


Who (or what!) Is Writing Your Book?

What is a ghostwriter? How does ghostwriting work? What about AI?

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Platform: What It Is and How to Build One

 The most ubiquitous word in book publishing. What is it? How do you build one? How does it help your book?


The Shrouded World of Best Seller Lists

Spoiler: there is no playbook for getting on big name bestseller lists, but understanding how they operate is critical.

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