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Shirley Vernae Williams

Agency Owner, Willie B. Studios


Shirley Vernae Williams is an industry trailblazer with over 11+ years experience in media and
entertainment. She’s the visionary leader behind Willie B. Studios (WBS), a creative agency and branded
content studio creating brand success in the digital landscape through content creation and effective
social growth marketing strategies. Shirley has worked with over 60 influencers, 17 professional athletes,
20 dynamic entrepreneurs, along with a host of entertainers, gamers, politicians and advocates.


Shirley has produced 17 TV series, developed and directed 32 digital branded series, and 24 branded
one offs, amassing over 82+ million views. She’s won two Adweek awards, including the 2022’s Best DEI
Podcast for "More Than That with Gia Peppers" and has been nominated for an Emmy. She sits on
various boards including Liftfund’s Women's Business Center and helps run Media Mavens serving over
7,000 female identifying employees in media and Hue You Know, one of the largest BIPOC communities
in media and entertainment, serving over 21,000 members.


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