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Octavia Goredema

Author of "Push, Prep, Pivot," John Wiley & Sons

About Octavia

Author of Prep, Push, Pivot and Host of How to Change Careers


Octavia Goredema is the author of Prep, Push, Pivot: Essential Career Strategies for Underrepresented Women published by Wiley, and the host of the Audible Original series How to Change Careers with Octavia Goredema.

An acclaimed career coach and speaker, Octavia has coached leaders at renowned companies including Google, American Airlines, Tinder, General Motors, Nike and Dow Jones. She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business  Review. During the pandemic, Octavia co-hosted HBR Now, Harvard Business Review’s weekly show about leadership, where she interviewed special guests including authors Walter Isaacson and Dr Adam Grant.

A dual US-UK citizen, Octavia was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen in recognition of her work, one of Great Britain’s highest civic honors.


You can learn more about Octavia’s work at


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