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Jesse Byrd

Children's book author, Creative Director, and Literary Agent; Conscious Culture Publishing

About Jesse

Jesse B. Creative specializes in developing diverse children’s books on behalf of traditional publishers. They prioritize creating better access to and growth within the world of children's books for artists from marginalized communities. Through its literary agency arm, Jesse B. Creative represents authors and illustrators of children’s books, prioritizing diverse creators. As a book packager, Jesse B. Creative develops children’s books for major publishers and delivers the books ready for print. And finally, through its Each Story Matters non-profit, the company has hosted more than 20 publishing workshops in the last two years while transforming kids into published authors. By Fall 2024, more than 300 kids will have become published authors. This program was created to give kids insight into the science and artistry of how stories come together; give them exposure to guest instructors from places like PIXAR, Marvel, and more; provide them with the pride of being published authors; and hopefully, reduce fear of and improve their relationship with literacy.


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