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Francine Parham

Summit Host

About Francine

Francine is an accomplished global business professional and practitioner. Her area of expertise is in leadership development and career advancement for women and women of color in the workplace. She is the Founder and CEO of FrancineParham & Co., which works with organizations to provide solutions in advancing their female talent and leadership pipeline. Her company achieves this work through focus in the areas of qualitative and quantitative assessment and customized programmatic solutions. She is also the Founder and CEO of the newly created company, NextUp Inc, focused on career mobility solutions using scientific methodology, tools and technology. The company’s inaugural project is titled, The Career Advancement Project focused on Black
professional women in the workplace. Along with partnering with organizations, she and her team also focus directly on helping women and women of color in the workplace with their professional development. Her company offers the Sharpen Your Skills Professional® suite of programs and events to businesses for their female talent.


Francine is a recently published author of, “Please Sit Over There: How to Manage Power, Overcome Exclusion and Succeed as a Black Woman at Work (Berrett-Koehler Publishers/ Penguin Random House, August, 2022). She speaks publically sharing her lived experiences as a global executive; discusses the often implicit skills that she knows are important for career advancement and; the role that leadership within organizations are accountable for in helping their women and women of color talent navigate successfully to achieve their career advancement goals. She has been cited in various published books as well as articles as a thought-leader. Her career spans over two decades and she has worked in multiple industries with her last assignment as a global executive and Vice President, Human Resources for Johnson and Johnson. She worked for the General Electric Company in the capacity of a Vice President prior to Johnson and Johnson. Upon completing graduate school, she worked for General Mills in various roles. She holds two Master’s degrees, one from the University of Illinois (M.A.) and the other from Columbia
University School of Journalism (M.S.) as a Stabile Investigative Fellow.



Black women continuously navigate systems that were never intended for them while playing by a set of rules they never agreed to or were ever trained for.

In this book, Francine Parham shares her knowledge as a Black woman and a former global executive of two major corporations on how to move up in the workplace while maintaining a sense of sanity. The key skill--one that Black women are rarely taught--is understanding the power dynamics within your organization and learning how to “shift the power” to your advantage. Parham shows how to use your voice, strategically build the right relationships, and support others once you have achieved a powerful position--tools any woman can use to increase her power and ensure a successful, fulfilling career.

Parham says Black women are already empowered; there is no shortage of qualified professional Black women in the talent pipeline. But it does not feel empowering when organizations force Black women to work every day to overcome biases, discriminatory institutional practices, and unwritten rules of power at play that hinder their career development and professional advancement.

Please Sit Over There honors the painstaking work being undertaken to deconstruct broken institutions and demonstrates how Black women can achieve their goals while those institutions still exist—effectively opening doors for all women of color.

Francine's Summit Schedule

November 7th

November 8th

Welcome event at Barnes and Noble 5th Ave!

Summit Opener: Partnership and the Power of Your Network


Lunch Signature event-

A Table Plus Two Chairs: Elizabeth Leiba

Dinner Signature Event-

A Table Plus Two Chairs: TBA

November 9th


Lunch Signature event-

A Table Plus Two Chairs: Christine Guilfoyle

Summit Close: The Power of Your Voice

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